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English: Logo of NPR News.

I just saw off my ‘97 Toyota Corolla to be donated to KERA, the local National Public Radio (NPR) station in Dallas. I bought the Corolla as my first car to commute to my first job in the IT field in 2004. It sure warmed the cockles of my heart when I made the decision with my wife to donate the Corolla in 2012. The warmth evaporated and I started having misgivings when the tow-truck guy started hitching my car to the truck. This car had never died on me and had been resilient and reliable. In fact I drove it exactly 995 miles from Minneapolis to Dallas in the dead of a snowy winter and pulled through some rough snow storms in January 2011. The moment it was being towed away, I panicked. I felt horrible, guilty and had this empty-hollowed out feeling in my gut. I had my Sam Witwicky – Bumblebee moment and I wanted to call it off. Fortunately for NPR and KERA, the tow-truck pulled away fast before I had a strong urge to plunge myself in front of the truck to stop it. And that’s that.

When I started the article, I fully intended to expound on why we should donate to NPR. Somehow it turned out to be a quasi-obituary to my Corolla. I fully intend to finish this at a later date. My only message for now – If you are willing and able and share a worldview that knowledge needs to be shared, donate to keep NPR strong. There are some trolls out there who think otherwise.  Let’s keep them thinking.

How can you donate?
http://www.npr.org/stations/donate/ (Search for local stations to donate)
http://www.cartalkvdp.com/ (For donating cars)
http://www.kera.org/donate/ (For Dallas/Ft. Worth/Denton local station)