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I am a huge comic book and movie buff. Obviously, another qualification if you need to be a part of the geekdom :). So why not share my enthusiasm for rousing, goose-bump creating, fist pumping, pound-concrete-with-bare-hands effect inducing superhero movie soundtracks with like-minded aficionados? I’m starting to put together a playlist of some of my favorite superhero movie soundtracks in YouTube. It’s a work in progress and hopefully I will be adding more soundtracks to the playlist when I get some time.

I’m kidding you not, I tried to telekinetically lift a car like Erik Lensherr a.k.a Magneto did with a submarine in X-Men First Class, while listening to rousing track 4 in the playlist called “X-Men First Class Soundtrack -16- Sub Lift”. You’ll know what I mean if you watched the movie. Needless to say while my effort was a terrible failure, I’ll not be surprised if a fair number of you folks will try doing the same. Soundtrack 4 can do that to you. Let me know who did.